The public transit bus, school bus and RV industries have seen a major shift in electrification within the market over the past five years. With an EV bus using 20% of the raw energy of a diesel bus to go the same distance, new technologies transforming the cost curve of batteries, overall operating costs being 35% lower and expected lifespan prolonged, it is clear why many transit agencies are choosing to electrify their fleet.

Other factors accelerating the pace of innovation are:

  • zero traffic fatalities, which drives adoption of lidar, radar, camera and other technologies; and
  • zero downtime, which is driving better digital and mobile technologies for predictive maintenance.

With a well-established reputation in the RV and commercial vehicle industry and over two decades of experience in engineering and designing commercial vehicles, Triz Engineering helps develop production-ready solutions and assists clients to implement new powertrain technologies such as BEV/fuel cell system integration, packaging and adoption of ADAS and AV technologies, as well as data architecture development to support telematics and big data-driven solutions.

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