The refuse truck market is expected to reach ~32B by 2027, exhibiting a 4.4% CAGR as per forecast reports. Rapid urbanization is a crucial factor in contributing to this increase, along with a growing awareness of environmental safety.

A key evolving trend is for fully electrified trucks that are safer and more connected. Fleet owners are expecting enhanced telematics data to monitor vehicle performance and usage, maximize productivity, ensure route optimization, assess driver ergonomics, reduce operator fatigue, and improve driving behavior and serviceability.

Upfitting a vocational truck requires a lot of custom engineering work, especially with highly specialized trucks such as waste collectors. Vehicle durability, longevity and up-time are extremely important within this market.

Triz Engineering provides truck equipment manufacturers and body builders with forward-thinking solutions throughout the entire upfit process, from planning and design to modification and installation. The engineering team ensures that all vehicles are reliable, tough and built to last.

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