The integration expertise of the engineering teams covers the full vehicle, including all major systems and sub systems. As new technologies, alternative components or compliance related equipment become available, Triz Engineering supports the seamless integration of new components or systems for model year changes or product improvements and performance upgrades.

Chassis development
  • Chassis frame and cross member
  • Powertrain installation
  • Suspension axles and tires
  • Steering systems integration
  • Air and brake systems
  • Structural support components
  • Body in white
  • Cab suspensions
  • Interior paneling and finish
  • Seating and steering
  • Safety and restraint systems
  • HVAC
  • Ergonomics and controls
Powertrain integration
  • Powertrain specification and selection
  • Engine and transmission
  • Engine and transmission cooling
  • Air intake system
  • Engine axillaries and PTO’s
  • Fuel system
  • Prop shafts
Aftertreatment systems
  • Emissions compliance
  • Gasoline, diesel and natural gas systems
  • Engine supplier certification and testing, e.g. IQA
Electrical and control systems
  • Chassis, cab and engine harnesses
  • Engine and transmission controllers
  • Instrument clusters and displays
  • Accelerator and brake controls
  • Body control system and harnesses

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